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Stocking Distributor
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School Kits
Jubb Utility has been partnering with the most
reputable Lineman Schools providing students
with their tool kits.
Canadian Utility

Jubb Utility is proud to be offering the M12
and M18 professional line of products.
Walk-in Customers

Whether you need one or multiple items, stop by our
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Canadian Distributor!
Jubb Utility Supply Ltd is now proud to be the Exclusive
Canadian Distributor for the entire Reliable Equipment line
of product. Find out more.

Utility Suppliers High Voltage Tooling Cable Installation Safety Equipment Canadian Utilities Telecommunications Power Generation Utility Contractor Suppliers Ontario Quebec Jubb UtilityTesting and Certifications

Jubb Utility provides testing and certification / re-certification following  based on the ATSM Designation D1048, D1049, D1050, F711, F712 and F2321 Standard methods for:

  • Meters
  • Liveline jumpers
  • Hotline tools
  • Live guards
  • Blankets

Please contact us for more information.

Temporary Grounding and Jumper Cables Repair / Re-Certification

We also test and repair, certify / re-certify Temporary Ground cables and Jumper cables following MacLean Power Systems Standards.

Please fill the following form for all Ground and Jumper Cables Repair / Re-Certification and email to sales@jubbutility.com before shipping them to us or attach it to your shipment along with your packing slip to allow faster processing time.