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Lineman Belt 549 Style D-25

Lineman Belt 549 Style D-25

Part # : 80068
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Full floating lineman's belt. Exterior made of black JELIDE material. Floats up to 4". This product was once called the "549".
Rugged, built to last, this belt is both comfortable and light weight. The interior of the back pad is made of smooth leather.
Available sizes:
OEPS - Open Excavavation Protection System Kit

OEPS - Open Excavavation Protection System Kit

Part # : HPS1800


Only 1 Available

Open Excavavation Protection System Kit 48" x 48" c/w Floor

OEPS™ is a industry derived safety device preventing fall hazards, trip hazards and other fall traumas or related injuries protecting staff and employers from danger and loss. OEPS™ which stands for Open Excavation Protection System, is a certified, made-for-industry barricade that completely secures the area around an excavation site whether excavating holes or trenches. In terms of hierarchical control processes it is an engineered safeguard that offers complete demarcation as well as a physical prevention of a fall event for staff, other workers, members of the public and fauna.

The HPS complements existing barricade protection perfectly. While excavation works take place, it operates alongside other on-site demarcation and barricading, such as demarcation exclusion zones. The fold out side panels can easily be connected to these other systems.

While excavation works are in progress, there is no need to remove any part of the protective system. This reduces the risk of non-compliance and ensures the site is never left unprotected.